Sewage is the third service unlocked in SimCity BuildIt. Upon reaching level 8, Sims' households will start demanding sewage treatment and Sewage service buildings become unlocked.


1. Small Sewage Outflow PipeEdit

  •  Cost: 4000 Simoleons
  •  Dirty Radius: 10x10
  •  Capacity: 7

Pumps raw sewage out of the pipe system and dumps it.

2. Basic Sewage Outflow PipeEdit

  • Cost:12000 Simoleons
  • Dirty Radius: 12x12
  • Capacity: 28

Mmmmm... nothing like the smell of fresh, raw sewage.

3. Deluxe Sewage Treatment PlantEdit

  • Cost: 35000 Simoleons
  • Capacity: 55

 A little pricey, but your Sims will thank you for not stinking up the neighborhood.


"Let's face it, all that SimPoop has to go somewhere. A Basic Sewage Outflow Pipe will take care of business but won't win you any friends. The Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant is an environmental friendly option."

"That's not roses you're smelling. This city is starting to stink! Sewage is not being collected. Build the Sewage Outflow Pipe and make sure it's connected to the road to your Residential Buildings."

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