This is what you will be able to do once you reach the following levels:

Level Unlocks
1 Power, Water, Government, Metal and Nails
2 Wood
3 Parks and Planks
4 Hammer
5 Fire and Plastic
6 Landscape and Measuring Tape
7 Seeds
8 Sewage and Vegetables
9 Shovel
10 Education, Transportation and Chairs
11 Minerals
12 Police
13 Chemicals and Bricks
14 Waste Management, Cement and Grass
15 Beach, Glue and Textiles
16 Health, Paint, Tables and Tree Saplings
17 Sugar and Spices, Cooking Utensils and Flour Bag
18 Fruit and Berries and Donuts
19 Glass and Cap
20 Entertainment, Ladder, and Green Smoothie
21 Shoes and Garden Furniture
22 Watch
23 Mountain, Animal Feed and Cream
24 Corn and Bread Roll
25 Gambling, Home Textiles and Ice Cream Sandwich
26 Cupboard and Cheese
27 Beef and Cherry Chessecake
28 Fire Pit, Frozen Yoghurt and Pizza
29 Electrical Components and BBQ Grill