Industrial buildings are a building type. they serve to make the base materials of the game, either used for Residential expansion, or as ingredients in Commercial building's Recipes.


Types Costs Production Slots Dirty Area Requirements
Small Factory Free 2 12x12 none
Basic Factory 500 3 10x10 4000 residents
Mass Production Factory 7000 4 8x8 27000 residents
High-tech Factory 20000 5 6x6 80000 residents
Nano-tech Factory 50000 5 none 150000 residents


All of the following are made in an available slot in any Industrial building:

For the whole list of crafting products, see Crafting Recipes.

Products Production time Default Sell Price Maximum Sell Price Level requirement

Used in:

(Crafting Recipes)

Metal 1 minute 7 10 none Hammer, ShovelTape Measure
Wood 3 minutes 15 20 Hammer,

 Shovel, Planks

Plastic 9 minutes Shovel,

 Tape Measure

Seeds 20 minutes 22 30 Vegetables


Minerals 30 minutes Cement, Bricks
Chemicals 2 hours 45 60 Cement, Glue, Watch
Textiles 3 hours 67 90 Cap, Shoes
Sugar and Spices 4 hours 82 110 Donuts
Glass 5 hours 90 120 Watch
Animal Feed 6 hours 105 140
Electrical Components ? hours 29

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