A building material is a unit of material, either used to make more advanced materials, or to upgrade a building. They are produced, over time, in a factory, or a business.


Made at Small Factory, Basic Factory, Mass Production Factory, High-tech Factory or Nano-tech Factory.


     Production Time: 1 min

     Maximum Sell Price: 10 simoleons

     Used in: Nails, Paint, Hammer, Measuring Tape, Shovel, Cooking Utensils, Ladder, Drill, Lawn Mower, BBQ Grill, and Microwave Oven


       Production Time: 3 min

       Maximum Sell Price: 20 simoleons

       Used in: Planks, Hammer, Shovel, Cooking Utensils and Chairs


       Production Time: 9 min

       Maximum Sell Price: 25 simoleons

       Used in: Glue, Measuring Tape, Shovel, Cooking Utensils, Drill, Garden Furniture, Shoes, Watch, Backpack, Refrigerator and TV


       Production Time: 20 min

       Maximum Sell Price: 30 simoleons

       Used in: Vegetables, Flour Bag, Fruit and Berries, Corn, Grass, Tree Saplings and Coffee 


       Production Time: 30 min

       Maximum Sell Price: 40 simoleons

       Used in: Bricks, Cement, Paint and Corn


       Production Time: 2 hrs

       Maximum Sell Price: 60 simoleons

       Used in: Cement, Glue, Paint, Watch, Refrigerator and Lighting System


       Production Time: 3 hrs

       Maximum Sell Price: 90 simoleons

       Used in: Flour Bag, Home Textiles, Couch, Garden Furniture, Cap, Shoes, Business Suits and Backpack 

Sugar and Spices

       Production Time: 4 hrs

       Maximum Sell Price: 110 simoleons

Used in: Donuts, Frozen Yogurt, Coffee and Lemonade Bottle


Production Time: 5 hrs

Maximum Sell Price: 120 simoleons

Used in: Cupboard, Watch, Lemonade Bottle, Lighting System, TV and Microwave Oven